An LMS ensures that the learner, facilitator, administrator and sponsor are all empowered with the ability to navigate the learning ecosystem with ease and efficiency.

With highly customized UI/UX and other features, we build learning ecosystems to the exact specifications, dynamics and needs of our customers’ business environment.

LMS – Salient Features

Cloud/Server Based
Security Protocol to client specification
Customized Modules
Dashboards & Log-ins to client specifications
Reports & Insights to client specifications
Webinar / video classroom capability
Coach on Demand
Progressive Assessments
Community Learning
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Key Management System (KMS)
Client Management System (CMS)
Open-source plug-ins
Certification plug-ins
Assessment plug-ins

Learning Platform

LMS to enable learning culture & community:

We at Open Brackets believe and so enable learning environments where learning happens basis ‘pull’ and not ‘push’. Self-paced-learning, proactive learning, need based learning and peer-to-peer learning in a gamified recognition based learning environment through a combination of online and offline tools is what we enable for our enterprise customer.

We can enable such learning ecosystems both in an open-source format and a controlled internal environment.